Training Partnership Program

Streffco Consultants, Inc.

Program Objective:

Streffco Consultants Training Partnership Program is a focused training program designed to meet specific difficult to locate skill-sets at a reasonable cost with a rapid delivery window for our customer hard to find resource needs. This program is specifically designed to increase your in-house staff in this skill or knowledge area. These hard to locate and expensive skills are generally not readily available and often far too costly to locate and hire the expert experience in the market place, because of the low supply and high demand nature of the scarce skill. The program is designed to specifically address limited budget dollars, with the goal of developing a greater number of customer in-house resources, through a contract-to-hire training approach for far less expense than hiring experience in the open labor market.

Streffco Consultants Solution

Through a partnership with the customer management team, Streffco Consultants, Inc. identifies the specific desired skill attributes and associated previous industry and technical experiences utilized to develop a good candidate pool profile to solve the scarce and costly customer resource needs. In order to begin matching available resources meeting the pre-defined criteria, Streffco creates a specific skill attribute profile in partnership with the customer management team to facilitate both the trainee as well as the mentor concepts within the group. Streffco then identifies, recruits, and hires candidates to act as both trainees and mentors to participate in this collaborative training program. These candidates are required to sign an agreement to participate in the training program ensuring continuity and commitment for a minimum of one year.

Once the pool of committed candidates is located and hired, in conjunction with the customer management team, and with the help of outside training companies (often software vendor training programs) the training group is sent through the intensive training program for a minimum of five days and often longer depending on the training subject matter. After completion of the training, the mentorship portion of the program helps integrate the newly trained Streffco employees into the customer environment. The ideal situation places both mentor and trainee on an immediate project to help solidify the training concepts. Further follow-up or advanced training may be required. Training team sizes can vary from a minimum of six (five trainees to one mentor) to much larger phased training teams depending on the customer resource needs. The customer can then hire after an agreed amount of time (typically one year) the best candidates to bring onto their staff, thus solving their in-house hard to fill staffing needs.

NEED: SKILL Desired Owner


Industry Experience

Technical Experience

Desired Salary for Candidates




CANDIDATE POOL: Matching Candidates


TRAINING: Skill Training Program

Training Vendor

PROJECT: Pilot Project Completion


RESULT: Customer Trained SKILL Employees Customer

We are committed to invest our knowledge and system expertise to you "Our Customer," the most import part of our business, by bringing creative training programs to bear in partnership with our customer resource needs. Not only can we demonstrate experience, but based on our commitment to building your organization, we are also highly interested in exploring new engagements that are unique to your organization's challenges. We help our customers realize superior performance by enhancing the quality of resources available to grow your business.