Why Streffco?

Streffco Consultants, Inc.

We screen and qualify our candidates by more than just a list of buzzwords on a resume. We maintain very precise standards of selection which include sensitivity to corporate culture and environmental fit, background, and motivational factors. But most importantly, we recruit candidates who can prove they can do the job, by testing them thoroughly, either through an online testing system, or by a unique, client-specific test, customized precisely to fit the client’s needs.

We have very strong in-house technical knowledge. When we are working to fill a requirement we are not guessing at what the technologies in that requirement mean. As a result, we are able to speak with and screen candidates from a technical perspective, so only the most suitable candidates are considered.

Our senior level staff is highly experienced, and each member of our staff is able to address issues and answer questions, so that you enjoy a “one-call service” environment, without delays, hassles, or waiting for calls back.

Our ability to recruit the right candidate for your requirement is head-and-shoulders above our competition. We recruit using an extensive system of referrals, communication-web building, industry relationships, and our stored pipeline of candidates. We use the same job boards as most companies do, but our technical experience carries us a step further and enables us to burrow into areas of internet recruiting that most companies will never know exist. We employ combinations of traditional, specialized, and innovative recruiting strategies to bring the best fit to you in the shortest amount of time.

When you work with Streffco you are assured of ethics, integrity and a very successful team to draw ideas from and help you with decisions. You will enjoy a comfort level that speaks to our dedication to excellent customer service. Our promise of personal attention, excellence and flexibility has made us the high-quality, reliable consulting firm we are today.

We have been operating for 20 years – continuously. Many recruiting firms closed their doors during the economic turndown several years ago. Our unique character and ability to get the job done, even in the toughest of times, has carried us through the storm and awarded us with a tenured service record you can trust.

Our Back-office system is second-to-none. We maintain a no-error back-office environment through the employment of fail-safe electronic data auditing, double-entry accounting systems, and integration of all aspects of our back-office system to ensure data integrity. Our clients and consultants are assured of accuracy – which results in savings in time and money.